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COMPANY - Sardegna
Our most extended cultivation in Sardina is located in Northern Sardinia, into the area named Serralonga, 300 mt away from the sea and protected by a natural pine tree wood near Platamona beach and Marina di Sorso. The cultivation area extension of this site is 60,000 sqm. Here we are currently cultivating mainly rosemary and sage (to be sold as fresh-cut products), but we are preparing the land for new plants such as:
moroccan mint, thyme, oregano, marjoram, parsley and garden parsley (Petroselinum crispum), bay laurel, borage (Borago officinalis), broad beans and brussels sprouts.
The cultivation site position is also strategical, as the nearest port of Porto Torres is just 5 minutes away, and therefore all the logistic and shipping services are guaranteed for daily shipping.
Just the same as for the headquarters in Liguria, where the mother company and the main cultivation site are located, the products we cultivate are sold principally to companies specialized into transformation and packaging for talian retailers and supermarket chains.
The decision to move one part of the cultivation to Sardinia was taken with the aim to have a unique extension of land and therefore being able to use equipment and techniques suitable for large cultivation areas, as well as to adopt watering systems based on water saving.
Trattore in lavorazione agricola
The dimensions of this spin-off cultivation site allow us to plan any new type of cultivation, according to the customers needs and requests; we are also available to experiment new types of cultures in agreement with our trading partners.
The increased surface extension and warmer climate will be the key-factors for this project.
We are working hard to achieve by 2013 the Global Gap Certification in order to ensure a production based on higher quality and environmental sustainability.
This certification in order to be met requires a limited use of chemical agents and pesticides, the rational planning of watering systems and a careful use of natural resources, the respect of workers' rights and animal well being, as well as the adoption of production techniques with an environmental low impact.
Campo di rosmarino
We estimate that by three years we will reach a 1,200 quintals production.
Just as in Liguria, also in Sardinia we hired expert local agronomists to have the best advice during our work. After the start-up period, we are planning to switch to organic agriculture.
Panorama di Alghero
The warm climate, even warmer than in Liguria, and, last but not least, the high quality of life and the natural environment of this area have been the key-factors for our choice. This place is far from traffic jams and stressful daily routine, but at the same time we can reach in a few mimutes nice and old little touristic towns such as Alghero, Catselsardo, Stintino.
The Alghero International Airport is not far and it is daily connected to the most important Italian and European cities by low fare flying companies.
This area of Sardinia is the perfect location for tourism all year-round, especially for people loving the sea, nature, sightseeing and open air leisure activities in general.
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