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COMPANY - Liguria
The Company, named Azienda Agricola Castiglione, is located in Albenga near Savona, in Western Liguria (Italy), with cultivation areas extending to the neighboring villages of Cisano sul Neva and Borgetto S.S.; we produce fresh cutted herbs to supply companies dealing with bagged herbs as well as potted herbs and cuttings.
The warm climate in Albenga, wich is located on the sea border, facilitate the growth of herbs even in winter.
The cultivation area is formed by open-air cultivation site, greenhouses and support services areas; we have a refrigerator truck (150q/270cv) equipped with a hydraulic cantilever tail lift, suitable for transport of 14 pallets or o 20 trailers, a 35q truck with a hydraulic cantilever tail lift as well as agriculture equipment.
We have a refrigerating room, and an electric forklift. The majority of the cultivation area is equipped with automatic watering systems.
Our Company Mission is to increase the production from both quantity and quality points of view, with the aim to develop Organic cultivation of fresh herbs.
Our products are sold mainly to companies dealing with transformation and bagging, to whom we can guarantee all year-round supply, based on quantity planning and trading agreement in order to ensure production, quality and fixed prices.
One of the most important Company goal is to label each product coming from our cultvation site with a declaration of the processes applied during the previous 12 months period, in order to inform the customers who transform and package the herbs that we supply.
It is of a great importance to us the fact that the whole production comes from our land, therefore we can guarantee our clients and the final consumer a totally adequate application of processing protocols; this goal it is not fulfilled by other companies, which buy products by other producers and cannot therefore ensure the quality and the origin of production.
agricultural land Albenga
SolutionGlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practices) is an International Standard based on the basic requests of Good Practices for Agriculture and its targets are fresh and raw products manufactures both from farming and agriculture.
Our Company is working hard to get the Global Gap Certification by 2013, in order to ensure a production based on increased quality and environmental sustanability.
The certification requires a limited use of chemical products and pesticides, a rational use of watering and natural resources, the respect of workers' rights and animals well being along with the adoption of low-impact production techniques.
Az. Agr. Castiglione Lucio - Cell. + 39 339 7735786 - Albenga (Savona) - ITALY